Art games are fun, of course, but they’re also flexible in a way that anyone can play them whenever or wherever they want.

That’s why some adults play art games in events such as reunions, and more. They’re a great time-killer not just for kids, but also for adults.

So why not make use of these activities to develop the creativity of kids all the while letting them have some fun?

This article offers five interactive games involving art that can be played alone or with other players involved that will surely promote creativity to the players.

A Quiet-Time Art Game

This game features a quiet game, obviously, which aims to help children connect to each other through the use of drawing while promoting and developing the creativity of children along the process of the game.

drawing games teacher kids - Open a World of Possibilities for Kids with These Drawing Games

Simon Says, Draw!

Surely, you’ve heard of the Simon Says game. It’s where you are required to do what Simon Says. So, if he says draw this or draws that, then you should obey him. It’s a great way to help children practice urgency when creating artworks.

The Back-and-Forth Drawing Game

It’s where players take turns helping each other continue their drawing. This game focuses on encouraging children to enhance their cooperative skills. Plus, it also helps with connecting young artists with one another.

The Combination Man Drawing Game

This game is perfect for a group of young artists or a family. It takes place with one canvas and each player drawing one part of the human body at a time until it gets completed.

The Scribble Drawing Game

The Scribble Drawing Game promotes the imagination of children. It features scribbles as kids are required to guess what they are.

Different gamescan help young artists in different ways, whether it’s for developing creativity, imagination, or simply to just have some fun. Either way, what’s important is that the kids have fun while learning important lessons along with the game.