There’s no denying that watercolor paints are what’s in with kids right now. It’s their favorite art material, and whether you like it or not, they’re going to continue using them.

So how should you solve the problem of watercolors spreading all over the place?

Here we look at six watercolor resist techniques that will prevent children from causing a mess with watercolor paints.

Crayons & Oil Pastels

This is the easiest and probably the most common technique, especially for kids to use. They can be useful in many situations and you can be flexible when using them. Plus, they’re easy to use and it only takes little time to apply it.

watercolor box of crayons - 6 Watercolor Resist Techniques for Childcare Centers

Melted Crayons

Melted crayons take more time than using simple crayons and oil pastels, but the end result is sure to be captivating. You can use watercolor and melted crayons on materials such as canvas, glass, and even wood. You can also use the shavings of melted crayons.

Sticker & Tape

This way of watercolor resisting is not that effective, but it focuses on the fun aspect of things since kids love playing with stickers and tape. It can be used for banners, paintings, contact papers, or for artworks that can only be made with adhesives.


If kids love stickers, then they’re going to love squeezing out glue from the container. What can we say? They love sticky stuff! The best part is that it can easily resist watercolor. On top of that, you can stick other art materials such as glitters when using glue for watercolor resist.

Rubber Cement or Masking Fluid

Now we go to the most effective way of resisting watercolor, rubber cement and masking fluid. However, although they completely resist materials, you can’t always let kids use them because they have more hazards than normal art materials.

Wax Paper

Wax papers have the same idea just like crayon resist, but the difference is that you can change thetexture of the artwork by changing how you use the wax paper.

There are several techniques for watercolor resists, but these six are surely the most fun of them all. Not only that, but they’re also kid-friendly, except for the rubber cement and masking fluid.So, they’re perfect for kids.