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Teaching has never been easier since advanced technologies invaded the education industry. Students can easily communicate with instructors and vice versa. Lesson plans are made electronically and transmitted the same way.

Despite the helpfulness of such technology, there’s no denying that instructors shouldn’t completely rely on them. This is especially true when it comes to the arts. Lessons are useless without practicums, and you can’t possibly rely on technology for that aspect.

That’s why we at Children’s Illustrators come up with ways to improve the teaching methods for arts, music, drama, and other topics that require practical applications, although we focus on arts.


Children’s Illustrators was founded by Ford Berg in 2019. He, along with his team, is the one responsible for the valuable content contained within this website. Berg is located in Asheville, North Carolina, while his team is composed of people living in North Carolina.

Ford Berg was an instructor at that time when he decided to take advantage of the internet to fill the gaps in the education system with arts and other subjects.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Children’s Illustrators is to lend a helping hand for childcare service providers as well as the parents of children who are willing to learn about arts and other subjects that lean more on practice.

This website was built so that children can learn these subjects without being restricted by a lack of technology. We believe that with the incorporation of our teaching techniques and art ideas, we can help children with a revolutionized education system.

What We Offer

Children’s Illustrators has become a place where people who are looking to teach kids practical subjects can learn the best methods to do so.

We create content such as tips, techniques, and more, all of which talks about art & music and movement activities which can help practitioners with their teaching methods.

As such, this platform now contains various information tackling art & music as well as activities relating to drama and movement.

We believe that with these tips and other types of information, we can make the teaching methods of instructors more effective.

If you have any questions for us, you may reach out to our customer support team through the contact page. And if you’re interested in staying updated with our content, feel free to subscribe to Children’s Illustrators.